Launch Diaries

Balyolo 3

2014-04-01 20:36:16

After the loss of HAB2 on 12th March, the launch team were keen to rectify their mistakes and immediately started preparation for the 3rd test flight, BALYOLO.  A new CAA permit was applied for and design and development of the new mission began. Space flight, even at this level, is unpredictable and has huge potential for problems so the procedures were revised to include more rigorous testing.

Aims for the third test flight included:

  • Higher altitude
  • Optimising filling…

HAB 1 Launch Report

2014-02-28 12:38:59

Space Balloons first ever launch of HAB 1. 

12/02/14 - Weather is looking bad for our promised launch date next week. We may have to postpone until the wind dies down or our payload will fly halfway to Denmark and land in the North Sea. Securely attached to the extension arm, Lego captain Alan and co-captain Steve are on standby, waiting for the jetstream to settle down.