Launch Diaries

Balyolo 5 - Going Pro with GoPro

2014-06-26 21:42:26

In order to test our new camera and familiarise ourselves with the new launch location, we decided to do a test flight from the White Swan. We used a 600g balloon and had a 1.1kg payload containing our 2 trackers, 2 cameras and some legonaut passengers. Due to the heavy paylaod and the slightly overfilled balloon, HAB5 only reached an altitude of 22765m but we fulfilled our objectives and got some very nice photographs. Recovery was a bit of a nightmare as it landed in a field of very tall corn!

The successful launch and retrieval of HAB-5 from the White Swan pub in Whitchurch, Bucks, also means that the stage is set for the launch of some London Pride Ale into space on July 5th.

The test launch, using a half sized balloon, reached almost 23 km before descending back to Earth for a safe landing.  The 5th July launch will utilise a full size balloon with a target altitude of 40 km.

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